The PROam21 valve amplifier has been specially developed to work well with AMCA’s proportional hydraulic control valves, and can be used as an amplifier for both the M and the APV series.

There are several input signals that the PROam21 can work with:

  • +/- 10 Volts
  • +/- 8 Volts
  • 0…5…10 Volts
  • 0…4…8 Volts
  • +/- 5 Volts
  • +/- 4 Volts
  • 4…12…20 mAmp
  • 4…20 mAmp

Manual (analogue) adjustment is possible on-site with a screwdriver – a function highly appreciated by mechanics. The amplifier has an adjustable ‘Ramp-up, Ramp-down’ which is useful when commissioning. The IP class of the PROam21 is IP20.

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