Where circumstances are the trickiest, AMCA products are the best choice. The products are known for their outstanding performances and reliability and are worldwide used in hydraulic machines and systems in many different industry segments. For example in the offshore field, where salt and explosion hazards requires high demands. And in mining and tunneling where dust takes its toll on machines and where downtime is unacceptable. AMCA proportional control valves find their way to customers and OEM’s who only settle for excellent quality.


In contracting and road construction, heavy machinery must be operated with great precision in all kinds of conditions.


Conditions are nowhere as harsh as offshore. Salt, chemicals, explosion risk and 24/7 production, asks high demands off man and machine.


In maritime applications, the conditions are often very harsh. This requires high demands off man and machine.


Fire trucks and other municipal service vehicles require maximum reliability and availability.


In agriculture, machines have to function without problems in all conditions.


Extreme conditions, dust, chemicals and explosion hazards, are common practice in mining.